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            Beijing E-Lotus Technology Co., Ltd. is the high-tech enterprise in the field of environmental simulation. The enterprise is located in Zhongguancun High-tech Industrial Park in Haidian District, Beijing. It has the innovative R&D team, perfect management system, professional organization of project implementation, timely service support team.

            After more than 10 years of steady development, the enterprise has established the production and scientific research cooperation with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and many other institutions and scientific research units, at the same time set up the long-term strategic cooperative relationship with the Canadian Anemoi Company. Uninterruptedly innovate, research and develop, and integrated with the world’s most updated environmental simulation technology, expand, deepen and transform the technologies in specific domestic application. Thereby to move the production and scientific research toward the positive cycle, and contribute our own responsibility to the development and application of environmental simulation technology in china.

            The projects of our enterprise cover all of the key scientific research industries, designed and built a variety of environmental simulation laboratories and artificial climate chambers for State Grid Corporation of China, Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute, China Astronaut Center, Tsinghua University, Traffic Planning and Design Institute, General Logistics Department and many other research institutes. Such as: High voltage electric power icing test laboratory, environmental wind tunnel, high temperature and low temperature laboratory, “Space 180” closed environmental test chamber, verity of artificial climate laboratories for plant research, haze laboratories , environmental simulation chamber and many other types of environmental simulation laboratory.

            Among them, the large scale “Space 180” air-tight environmental test chamber in order to achieve the human missions of deep space exploration and interstellar dwelling in the future is the typical sample project by E-Lotus with perfect combination with environmental simulation technology and artificial climate chamber technology. The "Space 180" achieved the training life in 180-day air-tight test which allowed four aerospace volunteers to make the “self-sufficient" crop cultivation (including wheat, peanuts, lettuce, strawberries and series of plant fruits and vegetables) and had the groundbreaking significance in acceleration of exploration and construction of space. E-Lotus establishes the leading position in the domestic environmental simulation industry with comprehensive professional strength in multi domain applications.  

            E-Lotus adheres to the customer-oriented and employee-oriented. It takes the Cohesion of team through loving ourselves, loving parents, loving the family, loving the motherland, loving the human being. With the love spirit, rational spirit, faith spirit as the theoretical basis of corporate culture. Make the implementation of corporate culture with healthy life, being filial to parents and respectful to teachers, fighting for the mission and the meaning of life. Start from my heart; actively participate in social welfare undertakings on the basis of customer service, guide the team members to practice the egoism and altruism, lead the happy life with compatible benefits for ourselves and others, so as to ultimately achieve the true meaning of life!

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