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            Weathercircumstance simulation
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            Sunshine simulation laboratary


            l Introduction

            The solar radiation test is an artificialsimulated environmental test; the sunlight simulation system of simulatedsunshine conditions can simulate the effects on the samples on the ground orused in the lower atmosphere or in exposure to daytime radiation during unshieldedstorage. The system is usually divided into two categories according to the types,one is fixed at the top of the test section, which is the overhead type; theother one is installed with one set of curved bracket system, which is dometype. Each light source has an independent power supply and control system, eachindependent light source is integrated with mesh baffle and shade baffle, canbe used to simulate the vehicles in the low light intensity environment underthe conditions of dark clouds and no light environment through the tunnel.

            l Technical parameters

            It can simulate the sunshine conditions anywherein the world.

            The maximum sunshine radiation intensity upto 1200 w/

            Temperature rangeRT(room temperature)+10℃63℃test blackboard temperature65℃±3℃

            Humidity range40%RH95% RH

            Wavelength range290nm800nm

            Irradiation intensity1200W/m2

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