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            Sand and dust test laboratary


            l Introduction

            The dust and dust test laboratory uses fanto blow the sand with a certain contraction in certain flow rate through thesurface of samples, so as to evaluate the ability to prevent the penetration ofdust particles, and resistance to the erosion of gravel or capability ofblocking effect and the ability to store and operate of these samples (equipments)to be exposed to dry sand or dust-laden atmosphere.

            l Technical parameters


            Airflow speed<80m/s

            Arbitrary choice of time settings of continuous,periodic blowing dust

            Sand and dust concentration2kg/m3

            Amount of sand and dust2kg/ m3~4kg/ m3

            Particle size of sand and dust110ummore than 50% of particle size≤5um

            Test dust: Dry talc, Portland cement, smokeash etc

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