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             Project mode

            EPC(Engineering Procurement Construction)

            EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) refers to a company authorized by the owner, in accordance with the contract of Engineering Construction project design, Procurement, Construction and commissioning process or several stages of contracting, etc. usually under the condition of price contract, responsible for the quality, safety, cost and schedule of the contracted projects .

            In EPC mode, the Engineering not only includes the specific design work, and may include the entire content of the overall planning for the whole construction project and implement organization and management plan and the specific work; Procurement is not a general sense of material Procurement of construction equipment, and more refers to the professional equipment, material purchase; Construction should be translated as "Construction", its content includes the Construction, installation, commissioning, technical training, etc.


            Compared with traditional contracting mode, EPC general contracting mode has the following three aspects basic advantages:

            (一)Stressed and give full play to the leading role in the process of design in the whole project construction. To design a leading role in the whole construction process of stress and play, is advantageous to the overall project construction plan optimization.

            (二)Effectively overcome constrained design, procurement, construction and contradiction between each other, is advantageous to the various phases of the design, procurement, construction reasonable cohesion, effectively achieve the project schedule, cost and quality control in construction engineering contract agreement, to ensure they get good investment benefits.

            (三)Clear the main responsibility for construction project quality, shall be investigated for the engineering quality responsibility and determine the engineering quality responsibility to assume.


            Based on EPC general contracting mode compared with the traditional construction project contracting mode of the basic advantages, its basic characteristics can be summarized as follows:

            (一)In EPC general contracting mode, owner can audit the final construction drawings directly, do not need to monitor each construction process. owner need to follow the progress, know the engineering quality whether meet the requirements of the contract, the construction result whether can ultimately meet the standard of the function of the construction project under the contract.

            (二)Owner for EPC general contracting project management generally adopt two ways: the process control mode and afterwards supervision mode.

                  (1) Process control mode refers to the owner may employ supervision engineer or unit supervisor to supervise our all aspects of the design, procurement, construction, and issue a payment certificate. owner supervision for each link of unit by supervision engineer or supervisor, involvement in the management of the project implementation process.  
                          (2)Afterwards supervision mode refers to owner (the owner) is generally not involved in the management of the project implementation process, but in a completion inspection and acceptance link is relatively strict, to supervise the project total process after the event through strict completion inspection and acceptance.

            (三) EPC general contracting project of the prime contractor for construction project of the design, procurement, construction overall responsibility, the entire process of construction project quality and construction of all professional made the performance behavior of overall responsibility. Namely, the prime contractor is the first responsible of EPC general contracting project.

            Eventually we will submit to the owner a meet the use function, have the conditions of use of the project. This kind of mode is the EPC general contracting mode.

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